Baseus iPhone Batteries

Keep your iPhone charged and ready with our top-notch Baseus iPhone batteries. They are like superheroes for your phone as they keep your phone going strong all day. Shop from Baseus Pakistan official store and get free delivery all across Pakistan. We also offer a cash-on-delivery service for our customers.
You can also explore Baseus power banks for iPhones. Stay connected, anytime, anywhere!

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Baseus Original Phone Battery 2942mAh For iPhone XR

  Specifications   Brand : Baseus   Model: ACCB-AIPXR    Capacity: 2942mAh   Quality Certification: CE, ROHS   Efficient &

Baseus Phone Battery Disassembly Tool for 6s/6s Plus

Package included     2 x Screwdrivers   1 x Battery Adhesive Sticker   1 x Pry Bar   1

Baseus Original Phone Battery 3400mAh For iP8 Plus

Specifications     Brand: Baseus   Model: ACCB-BIP8P   Capacity: 3400mAh   Voltage: 3.82V   Charging limit voltage: 4.35V  

Baseus High Volume Phone Battery For iPhone 6S Plus 3400mAh

Specifications Brand: Baseus Model: ACCB-BIP6SP Capacity: 3400mAh Voltage: 3.82 V Limit Voltage: 4.35V Battery Type: Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Compatibility: iPhone 6S Plus Over time,